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YA Writers Unite
Who we are, what we're about
21st-Feb-2007 10:12 am
NAME: Donna & Tiffany
AGE: 15
INTERESTS: literature and art
MAIN TYPE OF WRITING: Fantasy & Fan fictions
WHY YOU JOINED: .....Because.
WHERE/ WHO YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS COMM FROM: Search on interests under "original fiction"

This is an account shared between myself (Donna) and, my fellow writer and best friend, Tiffany. We had been obsessive enthusiastic, plot-bunny driven fanfic writers for quite a while now but playing with other's worlds had grown tiring and we had both itched to create a world of our own. So, after a sleepover and many cups of coffee at a local starbucks store, we now present to you the world, Nouveau. We sincerely hope you would come to enjoy, perhaps love, this creation and much as we still do. Thank you and welcome again.

This is our first truly original purly ours fic so please tell us how we did. *Shamelessly begs for reviews*

Title: Prologue
Author: Donna & Tiffany
Genre: Adventure / Humor
Pairing: None (Yet)
Rating: P-13
Summary: Your heart understands
what your head cannot yet conceive;
trust your heart.

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Thank you!
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