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4th-Jun-2009 05:40 pm - Hello!
STATE/COUNTRY:UK, England (But soon Jersey not the new one the original)
INTERESTS:Sci-fi, fanatasy, horror, computers, Legends and mythology, Sci-fi TV, Manga, Anime, Graphic Novels, Macs and writing in all forms
MAIN TYPE OF WRITING: I'm going to say supernatural but if anyone thinks otherwise after reading my stuff say so I'm never sure what to call it.
WHY YOU JOINED: I really want honest opinions on my writing and style and see if other teenagers like it and such because my friends don't read much or aren't in to supernatural
WHERE/ WHO YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS COMM FROM:I searched on live journal and this looked good.

I think that covers all of that stuff  will follow this up with:

TITLE: Shadows
RATING: T for now will put an alert if this changes
GENRE: Supernatural
WHERE ELSE IT IS POSTED: On my journal is the first chapter which I'll put here and I will just post updates on my journal
BRIEF SUMMARY: Cassy has just moved to a new school in a new place. Her one and only chance for a new life, for any life. She wants to forget her past and just settle down and have a normal life and friends. There's this guy in all her classes though Alf and her form teacher. There's all these weird people that just set off her radar. She can't leave it alone...she never could leave it alone. 

Starter for 10

It was one of those British days that had a habit of wandering across the channel or so it seemed to her. After weeks of bumming around this giant tourist trap she welcomed the taste of home. She was a Gloucestershire girl but here she was in Jersey for the first day of Sixth form. She loved the shire but it was her past, it needed to be forgotten. She had a new past now. A rich uncle who lived in London and who was funding her to live in her own flat here.

            The school building was a white oblong at the front with a central tower. It like many things on this island looked like it should have been if California as much as here. In the sudden cool cloudiness of the September morn it looked down right depressed it’s griminess exposed to the world as it was. There was so much activity outside the school as she tried not to get run over. You’d think on an island this small people would have heard of walking or cycling but no. Everyone had a car and everyone drove to school it seemed. She here self had walked from her town flat. It had taken twenty minutes. For here until you got to three quarters of an hour you might as well walk. It made sense, less on insurance and fuel and such; peaceful as well just you and your two feet.

            The all moved slowly to the door and into the giant atrium. She was hazy on schools we didn’t remember much of her last one but it had looked nothing like this. It had been all blocky and rooms everywhere this place took open plan to a new level. There were computers in small screened off areas in the wide corridors. You could probably fit two r three cars across some of them. Waste of space. Her urban mind set added in. forgetting that despite the islands size the school wasn’t going need to take much in the way of extra students anytime soon and they were in no way struggling for space.

            The school only had four years but there was a clear division. Year tens and elevens lounged in disarrayed uniform while sixth form wandered in jeans and t-shirt the girls often in belt like shirts. She let out a small chuckle at this. The uniform regulations as they had come in the post had said several things were completely unacceptable:


            Jeans or any denim

            Skirts more than two inches above the knee




Well Cassy was glad she had ignored that pulling on jeans and a t-shirt with a light summer jacket. Everyone went to their regular haunts it seemed or bunched up with groups of friends they had come with. Only a few like Cassy stood alone in the halls ways. Most starred at room numbers, maps and timetables in hope of locating their form. Cassy though had memorised her timetable and after a few minutes realised that her room was a Geography room and nothing of that sort was on the ground for so turning she headed up the stairs. She didn’t know where else to go. She had missed the induction day so there was no one she knew.

            She dropped her satchel next to her seat and sat with her legs stretched out in front of her crossed at the ankles and hands folded over her stomach.

            “Oh, get over it Alf. If you will come in to school dressed like that the teachers will murder you for it.”

            “So it’s fine that the chicks wander round in skirts so short you don’t have to look down to see their thongs but I can’t wear a bloody coat.”

            “Yeah well, would you complain if you were one of those dirty old men?” The boy in the long black coat dressed in black but not full Goth clothes laughed at that.

            “No, I guess not.” Behind him stood another boy the same height somewhere around six foot wearing a pale blue shirt open at the collar and black slacks. The black coat sat down near the back face instantly shifting and settling in to a bored look. The other stepped up to the desk at the front and dropped his bag next to it before pulling out a register. He had an ID tag around his neck. Cassy’s brain kicked in to over drive in to action at this odd student/teacher conversation as the first few names slipped off the register and answers came from around the room.

Kajos: So what do people think?

1st-Jun-2009 07:53 pm - The Glass Kingdom -1-

A/N: Feel free to critique and share your opinions, please. I'd love to know what you think of my latest project. Tell me if it's worth continuing.

TITLE: The Glass Kingdom


GENRE: Fantasy, humor, romance, action/adventure

ORIGINAL, FF, POETRY: Original, baby! ^_~

COMPLETE OR NOT: Incomplete as of yet.

WHERE ELSE IT IS POSTED: A couple of other writing communities.

BRIEF SUMMARY: Jazz could pick up a phone seconds before it rang; she could see grey clouds brewing before any signs of a storm became visible, but that didn’t save her from getting eaten by a mirror and pulled into another dimension. Her sarcasm doesn't exactly help, either.

LINK: Chapter one


1st-Jun-2009 07:44 pm - Hi
NAME: Karin Sunil

AGE: 17


INTERESTS: Reading, writing, watching anime, being an overall nuisance, etc. ^_~

MAIN TYPE OF WRITING: Fantasy, romance, action/adventure

WHY YOU JOINED: I wanted some input from real teens on whether or not my story is just a generic copy of so many other stories, or something interesting that you'd actually pick up and read through.

WHERE/ WHO YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS COMM FROM: I was browsing through comms to find interesting writing communities, and this one caught my eye. I like the idea of a teen writers community. ^^

29th-Jan-2009 11:52 pm(no subject)
 hey I'm a teen writer I'm posting chapters on my novel on my journal. check it out I would love to hear your thoughts. http://creduff.livejournal.com/

I'm new to the community, and I'm an aspiring writer, and I'd like to share the latest story I've been working. So this is the very first draft of the very first chapter of my very first serious story that I plan on publishing :). Again there isn't a title for it yet, but it's basically about the lives of 6 seniors in high school who all have a big dilemma on their hands, fall in and out of love,and struggle to overcome the obstacles thrown at them. All of these people's lives are connected in someway. There's the former Slutty School Queen, the clingy lover girl, the play boy, the basketball star, the musician, and the vengeful emo guy. You kinda have to read it to get it, so please tell me what  you think please, thanks for reading!! :)

30th-Jun-2007 11:14 pm - Playing With Fire (Chapter 6)
Title: Playing with Fire
Author: Jules venus_fiction (previously known as saturnine_tears)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
Summary: A fallen beam in a busy downtown office complex left firefighter Lindsay Doucette trapped inside the building with paramedic Jason Gardener’s little girl in her arms as flames erupted around the pair, threatening to take both of their lives...
Beta: Dani sirius_starr
Word Count: 4078
Notes: Click here for a chapter listing for my series! List of terms at the end of the chapter for the medical jargon I couldn't resist tossing in there.

Chapter 6Collapse )


Please let me know what you think!
21st-Apr-2007 07:34 pm - Hi, I'm new. Obviously.
Guilty Pleasure
NAME: Audrey
AGE: 17, 18 on April30
INTERESTS: panic! at the disco, fall out boy, silverstein, other bands; chatting; myspace; livejournal; movies; tv; volleyball; etc
MAIN TYPE OF WRITING: teen love, rock and roll scene
WHY YOU JOINED: i'd like to get more people to read my story, even though i am only working on one at the moment

TITLE: Her Life Is Better Than mine
GENRE: teen love, rock and roll scene
COMPLETE OR NOT: not; 11 chapters completed
WHERE ELSE IT IS POSTED: brsdnbrknhrt+ a journal made just for this story. completely separate from my journal about my daily happenings.

BRIEF SUMMARY: A high school senior named Lenora Riley Nichols is a girl who loves the music scene, doesn't have a great relationship with her parents, and is caught in the middle of her emotions. Every Friday and Saturday night she goes to a local guitar shop to watch performances from bands. She meets a kind, romantic boy who didn't have successful relationships in the past named Evan, and they immediately connect well with one another. But when she is introduced to Evan's friends, another boy caught her sight. He's a tease, spontaneous, and has lots of surprises, and he's obviously attracted to her as well. She has to make a decision; stay with romantic Evan, or hook up with sexy Chris.

+ I add in pictures/graphics that I create... like a picture book, but with real photos. Evan and Chris are based on real people. And the bands too. Lenora Riley Nichols is completely fictional.

I hope you'd like to read my story, even though it's no where near being finished.
firefly; inara
Title: Turn and face the changes
‘Fandom’: The Mivtsa
Claim: Brygid Sutherland
Season: Nine
Prompt: Memories
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 696
Summary: The crew, on Brygid’s death.
Note: All pieces of this original series are friends-locked at my journal, but feel free to friend me and read along.

This wasn’t how Nira had thought it would be
21st-Feb-2007 10:12 am(no subject)
NAME: Donna & Tiffany
AGE: 15
INTERESTS: literature and art
MAIN TYPE OF WRITING: Fantasy & Fan fictions
WHY YOU JOINED: .....Because.
WHERE/ WHO YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS COMM FROM: Search on interests under "original fiction"

This is an account shared between myself (Donna) and, my fellow writer and best friend, Tiffany. We had been obsessive enthusiastic, plot-bunny driven fanfic writers for quite a while now but playing with other's worlds had grown tiring and we had both itched to create a world of our own. So, after a sleepover and many cups of coffee at a local starbucks store, we now present to you the world, Nouveau. We sincerely hope you would come to enjoy, perhaps love, this creation and much as we still do. Thank you and welcome again.

This is our first truly original purly ours fic so please tell us how we did. *Shamelessly begs for reviews*

Title: Prologue
Author: Donna & Tiffany
Genre: Adventure / Humor
Pairing: None (Yet)
Rating: P-13
Summary: Your heart understands
what your head cannot yet conceive;
trust your heart.

((Follow the Fake Cut))

Thank you!
16th-Jan-2007 05:57 am - i'm back
ok, maybe it is the fact that it is practically 6 am, but I have made my New Year's resolution...after this week I will come here and comment on everyone's story and seek to boost this cool ass group up!!! how does that sound??? now I must go study AP Calculus

<3 kara
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